About Us

CJ & S Consulting Ltd. is a consulting and property management company, based in Ottawa, Ontario, that strives to find creative solutions to real estate problems.

CJ&S RTO - Business Card - FrontUnable to buy a home.  Having problems selling a property.  Tired of being a landlord.  Want to invest in real estate.  We can help!

We Can Help

We are not real estate agents.  We are not mortgage brokers.  We are not financial planners.  We are real estate investors, who work with other investors, as well as real estate and mortgage professionals to find creative solutions to real estate problems.

Problems and Solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to help more people realize the dream of home ownership and the benefits of owning real estate by eliminating the common barriers to home ownership.  We strive to create win-win deals for our tenant-buyers, our investors and our partnering real estate and mortgage professionals.