Home Owners

Selling your home can be a tiring and frustrating experience!  Maybe it’s taking longer than you wanted.  Maybe you already have a new house picked out.  Maybe you have a conditional offer in on another property already.  What if there was another way to get the deal done and move on?

Rent-to-Own 10Put on a new hat, and think outside the box with us!

Our mortgage professional can help refinance your existing home to pull out all possible equity.  We then put a qualified tenant-buyer into it on a 2 to 3 year lease.  Your existing home is rented, with a future selling price already agreed to.  Your costs are covered.  And, this tenant takes good care of your property because they plan to buy it at the end of the lease!

We collect the rent.  We pay the mortgage.  We pay the insurance.  We pay the taxes.  We deposit the balance into your account monthly.  You are protected because you are still on title.

You have 80% or more of the value of your home to move on.  And the interest on your new mortgage is tax deductible, along with the insurance and taxes!

We will even post your property on this site, for all our tenant-buyers to see!

What do you have to lose?  Contact us today!

Thinking Outside the Box