Are you a tired landlord?  Are you tired of getting calls from tenants at all hours?  Are you having problems keeping your property rented?  Are tenants wrecking your property?  Are you spending more time at your rental property than at home?  If so, you are a tired landlord!

Rent-to-Own 11

Put on a new hat, and think outside the box with us!

What if your new tenant wanted to buy your house at the end of a 2 or 3 year lease?  What if you knew the selling price in advance?   What if this  tenant took good care of the house because they planned to buy it?  What if the tenant even paid for small repairs?  What if we setup and managed this whole process for you?

We collect the rent.  We pay the mortgage.  We pay the insurance.  We pay the taxes.  We deposit the balance into your account monthly.  No more calls from tenants.  No more time spent visiting the property.  You are protected because you are still on title.

We will even post your property on this site, for all our tenant-buyers to see!

What do you have to lose?  Contact us today!

Thinking Outside the Box