Are you tired of paying your landlords mortgage?  Do you dream of being able to own your own home?


But you don’t have enough down payment.
But you just moved to Canada, and don’t have a credit history.
But you are self-employed, so can’t show a regular, stable income.
But you were late on some payments, or missed some altogether, so your credit score took a bad hit.
But you were recently divorced and aren’t back on your feet yet.
But …

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There are lots of reasons why good people can’t get a mortgage now.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t find that home now, and move in!  Our step-by-step Home Ownership Preparation Program can help you repair or establish your credit so that you can buy that home in 2 or 3 years, but live in it now!

What's Your Why

So, what is your why?  And are you prepared to take the steps today to make that why a reality?  If so, our rent-to-own program is for you!

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You can select your own home NOW.  You can move in NOW.  You can make improvements NOW: paint that room, build that deck, plant flowers.  You can have a dog NOW.  You can know what that home will cost you NOW.

Why rent, when you can rent-to-own?

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Take the first steps to becoming a home owner today!

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Contact us today to find out how we can help put you on the road to home ownership!  Let us help you think outside the box!  Download our brochure and application form by clicking on the link below!  Fill in and submit our online application form and questionnaire under the Tenant-Buyer tab!


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Thinking Outside the Box